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Indigenous Books

2021–22 offers more amazing texts produced by publishers across Canada. The stories, songs, images, and ideas of the new and familiar authors of the books listed in this catalogue will inspire and motivate readers. Each book has been thoughtfully reviewed by one or more BC educators in terms of connection to K–12 curriculum, appropriateness of reading level, and suitability of content for the K–12 classroom.

This catalogue is designated as a space for Indigenous voices. It is time for all texts that speak about Indigenous Peoples, issues, traditions, and experiences to be written by or in complete partnership with the Indigenous individuals or nations that are discussed. We as Indigenous Peoples are the experts of our own lives and should be the ones writing, not being included as side notes or as superficial collaborators. This catalogue creates space through its evaluation and editing process. All the evaluators who worked on the annotations in this catalogue identify as Indigenous.

We as educators demand publishers seek out and support those authors who speak their own experiences, identity, and background, without qualifying those expressions. The more we hold space to lift up marginalized voices to speak, the richer our world becomes. This also increases the chances of our youth getting access to books that they may connect with on a new level, and that can expand their horizons.

I know that despite all the changes that the pandemic has created in our schools and libraries, teachers and librarians are able to continue to guide and invigorate readers who come seeking out inspirational authors and words of knowledge. We acknowledge the increased difficulty you have worked in over the last year and a half and we thank you for all the work you do.

— Jackie Lever, BC certified teacher and ABPBC catalogue consultant

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